Would You Have Been A Good Wife Back In 1917?

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In 1917, Dr. R. B. Armitage published Private Sex Advice to Women. His intended readership: young wives and young women who plan to marry. The purpose of his book was “to give enlightenment to those entering into wedlock so their married life will be one of happiness and pleasure.”

So, let’s test your knowledge of doctor-approved sexual health info (and, I guess, the likelihood that you would’ve experienced happiness and pleasure in your marriage) in the early 20th century!

    1. Sacred membrane

    2. Maiden head

    3. God’s barricade

    4. Wedding wall

    1. River of life

    2. The courses of woman

    3. Womanly tides

    4. Winds of womb

    1. When sexual arousal causes your heart to beat with increased rapidity

    2. When a pregnant woman can begin to feel the baby’s movement from within her womb

    3. When a young couple go from chaperoned nighttime dates to unchaperoned daytime dates

    4. When a young couple must effect a hasty wedding ceremony because the woman is with child

    1. Milk, buttermilk, and fermented milk

    2. Dried fruits (prunes, raisins, apricots)

    3. Pickled cabbages

    4. All meats save pork and organs

    1. True

    2. False

    1. When under the influence of alcohol, her sexual morality falters

    2. Drinking alcohol is considered a vice of “fast” women

    3. A morally correct man wouldn’t squander his attentions on an inebriated woman

    4. Alcohol damages the womb. To imbibe around men shows that she has little regard for her body as sacred vessel

    5. All of the above

    1. Intercourse should not be indulged in during pregnancy under any circumstances

    2. It can be done in extreme moderation

    3. It should be done once per week in order to keep her husband’s attention from wandering

    4. It should be done every four weeks because monthly orgasms increase blood flow to the fetus

    1. It should be avoided for health reasons

    2. It is considered unclean in spirit and should be avoided

    3. It’s encouraged, as the experience of climax might lessen abdominal discomfort (cramps)

    4. It can be practiced in extreme moderation

    1. The position in which you conceive

    2. The timing of conception

    3. The mother’s diet in the first few weeks of pregnancy

    4. You cannot. Only the Creator may

    1. Discarding of unhygienic clothing and tight shoes

    2. Removing pastries and pickles from the diet

    3. Encouraging movement of the bowels

    4. Drinking water

    5. Exercise (like housework)

    6. All of the above

    1. A prodigious sexual appetite

    2. Reading too much, especially novels

    3. Changing your sanitary napkin infrequently during menstruation

    4. Unbalanced diet

    5. There is no one cause; it’s a natural and normal occurrence

    1. Daily bathing and nightly Bible readings

    2. Refraining from passing time with men to whom you’re not related

    3. A close bond between mother and daughter

    4. Earlier marriages (getting married younger)

    5. All of the above

    1. Men who remain unmarried at age 30 almost certainly have syphilis

    2. Married men living in large cities indulge in extra-marital sex

    3. Men who engage in self-abuse (masturbation) are more likely to indulge in sex outside their marriages

    4. All of the above

    1. Baking soda

    2. Borax (a mineral used in detergents)

    3. Bleach diluted in warm water

    4. Baby powder

    5. Minced garlic

    6. All of the above

    1. When his wife keeps getting pregnant, it’s because the man isn’t pulling out in time

    2. When a couple is unable to conceive, it might be the man who is sterile

    3. When a man is unable to maintain an erection, it’s often due to his own mental state

    4. When a man cannot abstain from drink, it’s because of his own lack of self-control

Would You Have Been A Good Wife Back In 1917?

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