When In Doubt, Dance It Out

Hello, my name is Theodora, and I am the worst dancer in the world.

Hello, my name is Theodora, and I also don’t mind embarrassing myself a little bit on the internetz.

I truly will try almost any fitness class, and I got talked into trying a Britney Spears “Crazy” dance class last night at Broadway Bodies. I do not, for the record, have a Broadway body.

Video, in case you would like a lil memory jog.

And a memory jog of the last time I tried a dancing class.

I walked in and immediately high-tailed it to the back row so I could hide. The instructor broke down the choreography into two distinction sections, and within each section, she’d teach us about 8 counts at a time, before we put it all together. Every dance class is the same for me: I start out feeling really self-conscious, and then at some point say “oh screw it” to myself, and just have fun.

Every once in a while, the instructor would yell “FTC!” (F* the Choreo!) and remind us it didn’t matter if we actually nailed the choreography, to just have fun with it. I took that perhaps a bit too liberally.

Notes on the outfit, gifted to me by Lululemon: the bra I was wearing, Enlite, is their newest bra, that they put a ton of R&D into to create some magical super supportive bra. As a 36D (although they put me in a 38D for this one after measuring me), I’m weird in that I don’t like super supportive bras because I feel too confined. I won’t lie, this one is a whole lotta bra (it’s almost like a crop top), but it really doesn’t feel like it’s choking me.

The pants are the Tight Stuff tights, which, yup, truth in advertising, are super compressive, but also incredibly flattering. Guys, I have not lost any weight but a few people at work asked me when I was wearing them. NOPE, just Lulu, guys. As someone who carries some extra weight around her midsection no matter what size she is, I have a hard time finding cute, flattering tops, but I LOVED the Double Time tank I found.

Verdict? 10/10, would dance again.

Do you love or hate dance classes?!

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