Using your Wii for fitness

Using your Wii for fitnessI know lots of people have talked in the last year about using a Wii for getting exercise but I sat on the sidelines, sad because I had no Nintendo Wii.

Well this has all changed now since I got a Nintendo Wii yesterday for the kids for Christmas. I am not sure if the Wii is really going to be a fitness machine but I am really excited about Christmas morning and trying this thing out.

I just ran across a site for a Wii workout called Wii Healthy. The site has a workout program that i will have to try and see how well it works.

Really the Wii looks like more fun than exercise but if you are moving then you are getting exercise right? Well I am sure we will soon se a bunch more Wii related “get in shape” type articles so it will again be fun to see since I can actually take part.

Now in response to everything that Nintendo has heard and seen about response to the Wii. Nintendo has come out with an actual fitness program called Wii Fit. The idea behind Wii Fit is that you get a board around 18 inches or so wide and do certain exercises on this and see yourself (or a reasonable facsimile of yourself) on the screen. You can also track your results as can everyone else in the family. I can imagine this whole idea scaling out where you can have fitness contests with other people online. Very exciting to be sure.

If you and your family are looking for a Wii and live in Canada I posted a few tips on my Tech Blog on how to get a Wii. If you are living in the US there are a few great articles here otherwise follow my other suggestion and just watch the stores and network with the managers of the games department at the WalMart and Target stores.

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