Taco Bell Is Bringing Back The Naked Chicken Chalupa And We Got To Taste It

“I’ve never had Taco Bell before, but I’m getting some serious McChicken vibes from this one, just spicier, and in taco form. Love it.” — Inga Lam

“I liked it. I’m a pretty picky eater, and I thought the chicken was good and not too spicy. I also feel like it’d make a really good drunk snack.” — Ryan Schocket

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to taste that good. But then again, it’s essentially fried chicken with some toppings added in, so I should have expected it to be great. My only complaint is that it’s a bit salty.” — Neena Paul

“So, I would definitely buy this chicken taco on days that I’m feeling extra greedy. I just wish the chicken was a little more crispy, but other than that it was pretty good.” — Mary Wilson

“This is the most exciting taco shell update since Doritos Locos Tacos. Must. Try. now.” — Jessica Seib

“Honestly, this was the best thing i’ve eaten all day so thank you [Kevin] and Taco Bell for bringing this into my life.” — Justine Teu

“Just ate the [Naked] Chicken Chalupa! I thought that the chicken was good — it was flavorful and a nice way to add some protein. The lettuce and tomato could’ve been better quality (not a big fan of iceberg), but for a fast food item I thought it was tasty! I took the not-spicy one, and I think it still had a little heat to it. I liked that.” — Emma Byrne

“I really enjoyed the tacos! It is definitely something that has to be hot/fresh when you eat. But more of the sauce would have been great.” — McKenzie Marshall

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