Spotted: Trader Joe’s Light Ice Cream With a Whopping 20 Grams of Protein Per Pint

Sure, maybe you’ve picked up a pint of Swell from Trader Joe’s, but did you know that TJ’s is officially selling its own branded high-protein “light” ice cream? News broke back in March about two pints with less fat, fewer calories, and higher protein, and this is the first time we’re seeing them in the wild (aka, in TJ’s freezers).

According to Trader Joe’s fan Instagram account @thesnacksoflife and our insider @traderjoeslist, the two flavors are Joe-Joe’s Cookies & Cream Light Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Light Ice Cream. Per pint, Cookies & Cream has 20 grams of protein and 310 calories, and you’ll find 370 calories and 23 grams of protein in a pint of Chocolate Peanut Butter. They’re reportedly sweetened with sugar, dextrose, and monk fruit extract and contain zero sugar alcohols. Instagram user @thesnacksoflife found these in Irvine, CA, so hopefully they’ve popped up at your local store. Heading to TJ’s yet?

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