Skip the Mat and Work Your Abs Standing For a Strong, Lean Core

If you’re a person who loves working your abs because you get to lie down on a mat, this post may not be for you. We’ve rounded up our favorite standing ab exercises to show you how to work your abs upright because these moves will help you in your everyday activities far more than crunches will. And if you have neck pain every time you do ab work on the floor, try some of these standing moves and see how you feel.

There’s quite a variety of ways to work your abs once you are off the floor — some of the moves use weights and some don’t. We’ll teach you how to do the wood chopper and the tuck jump. Program these moves into your next workout; we recommend adding two to five of these in a sweat session. Say goodbye to the mat, and read on to see all the ways you can work your abs standing.

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