People Thought She Shared Bikini Pics Because She Was “Self-Obsessed” – They Were Wrong

Living in a world where most women are made to feel ashamed of their bodies, this post is like a breath of fresh air. It brings attention to a very important issue that blogger Emma O’Neill feels we need to address. “These are a small snippet of some of the comments I’ve received (from people I know and people I don’t) bcos of my Instagram. I’m sure many other girls can relate.”

She posted bikini pics of herself because she was feeling proud of her body, and this is what people say?! Emma says, “People can equate sharing photos of yourself or your body online as being utterly ‘self obsessed’. I think that’s dumb. If someone expresses a twinge of self confidence they’re usually knocked. Yet the same people to judge will also tell you to be happy and love urself ?” That is pretty messed up!

Negative comments like these can be so hurtful and stressful. Emma admits, “I’ve spent a lot of today very sad about it actually. But then I remembered: it doesn’t matter. I can f*cking love myself!!!!! ? and no, not in a ‘im better than you’ kind of way. I can love myself and I can love my body and my person and my sense of humour and my weird quirky personality traits. And so can you.”

It’s true! So think twice before you make a comment or judge someone else. Emma urges, “Never bash someone for looking ‘confident’ or ‘loving themselves’ or being ‘obsessed with their ass’ cos, a) you have no idea how they really feel, b) if they are: be happy for them, & c) maybe practice your own bit of self love and go get some fresh air or something ?✨”

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