Overcoming Parenting Challenges in the Tech Era

MIAMI, April 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In the digital era, teen smartphone addiction has become a challenging problem for parents. Requiring a balanced approach, STAPP, the new parental control app, invites parents to connect and learn more at the Tech-Smart Parenting Center, an online resource with tools and tips for today’s connected world.  

Modern Parenting Challenges
Parenting has never been an easy task but living in a digital era presents ever-evolving challenges for which many parents find themselves unprepared. Parents give their children phones so they can stay connected and be entertained. But, without realizing it, teens are paying more attention to a smartphone screen than to anything else.

Teens’ digital life is negatively affecting their real-life interactions, family relationships and their eating, sleeping and studying schedules. Smartphones command their constant attention to a degree that many researchers are now studying the effects of “smartphone addiction”.  

Many parents are feeling that they are losing control of their teenagers. They want to address the situation, but they feel they have limited time to research a solution; they lack access to resources and the online generation gap makes it harder to keep up with their teens’ technology.  

The Research
The average American teenager who uses a smartphone receives her/his first phone at age 10 and spends over 4.5 hours a day on it (excluding texting and talking) i 78% of teens check their phones at least hourly and 50% report feeling “addicted” to their phones. ii 

Smartphone addiction is now linked to damaging teens’ ability to be attentive, and to increasing anxiety, depression, insomnia and impulsivity. [iii] [iv]  

Parents of teenagers are less confident than parents of younger children in their ability to monitor their children’s technology usage (41% vs. 68%). They are also less likely to consider themselves to be more technology savvy than their teens (27% vs. 61%). v 

The Reality
Parents know it’s not realistic to think they can eliminate smartphones or digital interactions – nor should they want to. So much about smart phones is positive. Parents can know where their children are at any given moment and can contact them in an instant. Teens have the knowledge of the world at their fingertips and they can access many apps catering to their needs and wants. Part of the solution is to set boundaries and limit the amount of time kids spend on the phone. It is not about denying access to smartphones. It’s about finding a healthy balance.

A Balanced and Realistic Approach vI, vii
Parents can follow a balanced approach to help prevent/stop their teen’s smartphone addiction:

Tech Smart Parenting Center
Parents who want to learn more about “Tech Parenting” can visit the new Tech-Smart Parenting Center powered by STAPP. They will find the latest news, tools, resources, webinars, workshops, podcasts and upcoming forums to connect with other parents and share their experiences and challenges controlling their teens’ technology usage.

STAPP is the new parental control app. It’s fast to install, easy to learn and safe to use. Parents just have to tap the STAPP button and the social and gaming apps on their teen’s screens will be temporarily invisible. Tap to un-Stapp, and all the apps reappear in the order they were before. Find out more at stappnow.com or download the app from the  App Store (available as STAPP Parental Control) and get a 14-day free trial.  

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