No messing with Rod Stewart’s parenting

Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster has said that her neat husband is very strict when disciplining his children.

Lancaster, who has been married to the Some Guys Have All The Luck singer for ten years, said that Stewart has been known to put dog waste under his daughters’ car seats if they fail to clean up after their dogs.

Writing in The Mail on Sunday’s Life magazine, Lancaster said: “If the girls bring their dogs into the house and they don’t clean up after them, he has been known to put the poo under their car seats.”

She said that: “Rod obsesses about keeping the house in order.

“The boys have an Xbox room on which he has put a lock and a cardboard sign which will say things like, ‘No entry. You left the lights on’ or ‘You’ve been rude to Mummy’.”

Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart

The couple have two sons together, Alastair and Aiden, and her husband has six other children from previous marriages and relationships.

The Maggie May singer had two children with model Rachel Hunter – Renee and Liam, and he has two children from his five-year marriage to actress Alana Stewart – Kimberly and Sean.

He also has a daughter, Ruby, from his relationship with model Kelly Emberg and was reunited with his eldest daughter, Sarah Streeter, a few years ago.

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