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As a parent of three now-grown children, I have concerns about the proposed “free-range parenting” law. It says that parents, guardians and others who allow children to walk to school or do other things on their own aren’t guilty of “child abuse or neglect.”

My concern is that the law would exempt school personnel, coaches and others from being held responsible for children in their care.

Over 10 years ago, my 9-year-old son was told to walk home from a school-sponsored tutoring session during a thunderstorm when my car broke down and I was going to be 30 minutes late.

We lived over 5 miles away by road. He set off through some woods and was accosted by teenagers. He arrived home soaking wet, minus some of his possessions and scared to death from dealing with the teenagers and the lightning.

I worry that this “free-range parenting” law would allow individuals like this tutoring supervisor to avoid being held accountable for children in their care. I hope our legislators don’t pass this bill.

Frances Glanville

Savannah Highway

Adams Run

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