I’m Training for a Half Marathon, and This Is the Gear That Gets Me Through My Long Runs

I never thought I would be a runner: I’m slow. I have short legs. And I get bored easily. In fact, I wrote a whole post about how I hate running but I do it anyway for the mental health benefits. All of that is still true, but I decided to challenge myself and sign up for a half marathon. This means I have to train for it; the bad news is it means I have to run lots of miles outside and challenge myself, but the good news is when I’m done with my long runs, I get to treat myself to a zucchini muffin from the bakery by my running trail.

Another perk is I get to test out lots of fun new gear. As a fitness editor, I’ve had lots of products come across my desk, but this is the running gear that truly gets me through my long runs.

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