I Tried To Cook Like Gordon Ramsay For A Week And Here’s What Happened

But maybe even more important: After making these tarts, I totally get why some people are so into baking. The repetition of mixing, kneading, and pouring is so much more relaxing than the flurry of fast activity involved in cooking a meal. And, after serving these to friends, I realized that there’s something so ~loving~ about baking for others. People love free food in general, but baking requires a level of patience and time that really shows how much you care. (Plus, sugar makes people insanely happy.)

Recipe-wise: These tarts were crispy and sweet but surprisingly not as nauseatingly rich as you would expect from a literal block of chocolate. All I can say is I am a changed woman.

Biggest Takeaway: Bake for your friends. You won’t regret it.

My MasterChef Rating: ??? / ?????

Full recipe: Mini Chocolate Tarts with Peanut Brittle

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