High Low High — Also a Good Summary of My Year…

There is a LOT going on in my life right now, so I think Tina’s High Low High is an awesome format right here.


I just got back from an awesome workout at Uplift.


While I could certainly work out during the day at my job…

As of last Monday, I am no longer with my job. It was certainly a surprise, shock and disappointment, but I am grateful for an amazing four years there and to walk away with so many colleagues turned friends.

I went back to work the week after my mom’s funeral, so a little downtime after the most stressful year of my life is really a blessing in disguise right now.

In the interim, I’m looking for some freelance writing and social media consulting work, and I would be incredibly grateful for any leads! My email is theodora at preppyrunner dot com. I’m not currently in a rush yet to get back to an office, and I truly am excited (and OK, yes, a little terrified) of this whole “the world is my oyster” thing.

Accordingly, I am FINALLY actually taking my NASM test, now that I have no excuse not to study with this extra time on my hands!


I am so excited to head to PA this weekend for the Runner’s World Half Marathon + Festival! I know this is super late in the game, but if you’re interested, you can use the code PREPPYRUNNER for 10% off — AND! I have one entry to give away, and I’ll give it to the first person to comment.


My poor sweet dad needs another knee replacement. His original replacement came loose this year and he couldn’t really attend to it while taking care of my mom. At least I have the time now to go out and take care of him…


My half-assed marathon training is going as well as half-assed marathon training can!

Shameless plug: I’m raising money for the New York Junior League to help women and children in NYC and you can donate here. I’m SO close to my goal!

For most of the summer, after losing my mom, I had zero desire to run any long distance. A few miles that I could run/walk through my tears? Sure. Being out there for hours on end? Meh. But around September, I decided that yes, I was in this. I’ve just been trying to build as best I can, and last weekend I ran 17 with my sweet friend Leah (on the left above) and we will probably run the marathon together. It went…fine. It didn’t feel super terrible, it didn’t feel easy, for sure, but, it was fine, and I wasn’t sore at all the day after, which I take as a good sign. Depending on how the RW weekend goes this weekend, I am going to attempt to build up to 18-20 on Sunday.


I’ve been attempting to read what I can to understand this grief process and to understand what I’m going through. There’s a woman named Claire Bidwell Smith, who is an amazing writer. I’ve read her After This and am currently reading her Rules of Inheritance. She’s coming to NYC next month to speak on a panel, and I bought a ticket yesterday. I hate that I have a need to have a “favorite” grief writer, but holy shit is her work impactful to me. She was also an only child, and I have already listened to the first episode of her podcast several times, so much does it speak to my experience of navigating this experience without siblings. (She also just has a really soothing voice.) She’s also speaking with Hope Edelman, author of Motherless Daughters, which is also on my list, but I know it will be a really tough read.


That’s a serious note to end this post on…so here’s a meme.

Advice on career planning/career planning resources?

Fave tacos?

Who else is running NYCM?

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