Here’s All The Reasons Why Nurses Are Real Life Superheroes

11. They work in a high-stakes environment, and one wrong move can lead to something catastrophic.

12. They have the ability to bring someone back from the brink of death.

13. It’s as if they speak a second language when decoding medical jargon.

14. They know how to make a cold hospital room feel comforting.

15. Staying calm under pressure is kinda their thing — and we mean LOTS of pressure.

16. They have an important skillset of making sure medical prep work is laid out to perfection.

17. They’re superstars at keeping secrets — all your personal information stays between you and them.

18. They are the most punctual people you will ever meet because even a few late days a year can cost them their job.

19. And more often than not, they have to stay past the end of their shift to tie up loose ends.

20. But even when they’re technically off their shift, they’re still thinking about their patients.

21. Working back-to-back shifts might be brutal for them, but they do it humbly and without complaint.

22. They have a stomach of steel and can easily change old bandages without the blink of an eye.

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