Here Are The Recipes We Loved Recently (And Would 100% Make Again)

I have high standards for dinner recipes. I want them to come together in about an hour (including my slow prep, as I watch TV), use the least number of dishes possible, and still be stunningly delicious so I can look forward to dinner as much on day four as I do on day two. (The struggles of cooking for one.)

This recipe delivers. You just dump frozen peas and haphazardly-sliced leeks on a roasting pan, mix ’em up with garlic, vermouth (this is key!), olive oil, and herbs of your choice, top with chicken thighs, and pop the whole thing in the oven. Forty five minutes later, you have a glorious, caramelized feast of veggies and chicken — trust me, you haven’t tasted peas until you’ve tried caramelized peas. Who knew?

The recipe actually calls for another 30-minute bake after the initial 45 minutes, but in my 400-degree oven, neither the chicken nor the peas and leeks needed any more time. Was that because I baked the recipe in halves, once on Monday and again on Wednesday, or that the pan was stoneware and slightly smaller than required, or some combo of those? Probably. Maybe the extra 30 minutes would’ve made more caramelized peas, but honestly I’m too impatient to know. And I still devoured every last little pea, night after night.Natalie Brown

Get the recipe here.

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