Here Are Some Mental Health Reminders You Might Need Right Now

If you’re not someone who feels comfortable tuning out and would rather stay informed, make sure you’re still practicing self-care in other ways, Turner advises. That means making sure that the time you spend reading or watching the news doesn’t interfere with eating, staying hydrated, connecting with others, etc., as well as setting boundaries about how and when you keep up with the news.

As BuzzFeed Health previously reported, here are a few ways that might work for you:

Setting a time boundary. Limit yourself to certain times throughout the day (like a half-hour in the morning and half of your lunch break, for example) so you don’t fall down a vortex of endless scrolling.

Making certain places off-limits to news. Places like your bed or your workplace — just to create safe spaces to unplug.

Reading only headlines until a pre-approved time. Skim news throughout the day so you don’t feel completely disconnected, but save details for later.

Catching up on the news via digests at the end of the day. For example, the BuzzFeed News newsletter puts everything in a convenient place so you don’t have to waste time surfing around.

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