Do You Remember These As-Seen-On-TV Fitness Fads?

  1. 1. What is this buff guy setting up?

    1. NordicTrack

    2. Bowflex

    3. PowerTrainer

    4. Rowflex

  2. 2. Which workout craze “combined martial arts, boxing, and elements of dance” to create an intense cardio workout?

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    1. Jazzercise

    2. Kickboxing

    3. Tae Bo

    4. DanceBox 3000

  3. 3. What is this gentleman using?

    1. Ab Roller

    2. abroller

    3. abroler

    4. ab roler

  4. 4. What is this exerciser wearing?

    1. Athletic recovery suit to keep muscles warm after a workout

    2. Wind resistance suit to help sprinters with speed training

    3. Sauna suit to induce sweating

    4. Strength suit that converts fat to muscle

  5. 5. What’s the title of this book that’s also the name for a kind of exercise?

    1. Gallop aerobics

    2. Cardio horse dance

    3. Prancerobics

    4. Prancercise

  6. 6. This man’s workouts and fitness gear are named after him. What is his name? (Hint: Body by ____.)

    1. Jack

    2. Jake

    3. Jed

    4. John

  7. 7. Which $50 fitness product says it can “increase upper body muscle activity by 300 percent compared to regular weights” in just six minutes per day?

    1. Abroller

    2. PX90

    3. Shake Weight

    4. 6-Minute Arms

    5. Bowflex

  8. 8. This is a BodyBlade. What does it promise?

    1. “Twice the calories burned in half the time”

    2. “Lean, toned body in the fraction of a time of a traditional workout”

    3. “Ripped abs without the diet”

    4. “Science-backed method for improving muscle activation”

  9. 9. Which 1991 commercial opened with this pair of legs and featured Herbert L. Gould, MD?

    1. Leg Magic X

    2. ThighMaster

    3. Balance Ball 3000

    4. Thigh Toner Plus

  10. 10. This is Tony Horton. Which high-intensity workout program did he create?

    1. CrossFit

    2. HIIT training

    3. P90X

    4. Insanity

  11. 11. Which of these describes the insanity workout?

    1. Workouts with lightweight dumbbells, high reps, and as hard as you can go for 1-2 minute blocks with moderate rest

    2. Bodyweight workouts at max effort for 3-5 minutes with very short rest

    3. Bodyweight workouts at moderate effort for 7-10 minutes, with very short rest between circuits

    4. Workouts with resistance bands at max effort for 3-5 minutes with very short rest

  12. 12. What is this thing?

    1. CoreChair

    2. Ab Lounge

    3. Ab Lean

    4. ChairFlex

    5. AbFlex

  13. 13. The Federal Trade Commission filed deceptive advertising charges against marketers of the Ab Circle, who then had to pay millions in fines and consumer refunds. What did the Ab Circle falsely claim?

    1. Using the device daily for 10 minutes would shrink the waist by 1” every month

    2. Exercising on the device for just three minutes a day would cause them to lose 10 pounds in two weeks

    3. Exercising on the device for three minutes per day burns more calories than a 45-minute cardio workout

    4. Using the device for five minutes a day, along with a sensible diet, would result in weight loss of up to 20 pounds in one month

  14. 14. Which device can get you results like this while you’re “lying down, watching TV, sitting at the computer, spending time with your family, working, cooking, or simply resting?”

    1. Ice Melt cold therapy fat loss belt

    2. SlimHot heated fat loss torso band

    3. VibroBelt slimming vibrating massager

    4. VibeRite slimming vibrating belt

  15. 15. Who is this smiley muscular guy and what machine is he using/selling?

    1. Tony Little / Gazelle Glider

    2. Tony Little / NordicTrack

    3. Shaun T. / PowerGlide X

    4. Shaun T. / ElliptiBurn

Do You Remember These As-Seen-On-TV Fitness Fads?

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