“Digital Parenting” – These apps will allow you to ‘spy’ on your kids…

As we know now, most violence or depression has some precursors online. So, some parents are resorting to spying on their children. 

“We have helped stop 12 school shootings and bomb threats,” said Chief Parent Officer of Bark, Titania Jordan. “We know that because of either a parent or a school escalating that to our attention,” Jordan said.

The app arms parents with information and an inside look at questionable content.

“What we’re looking for are signs of cyber bullying and sexting, lots of suicide and depression, potential drug use, online grooming from predators, acts of violence,” Jordan said.

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5 Apps To Spy On Your Kids Without Them Knowing

See more about other sites like “Net Nanny”, “Secure Teen”, and “Teen Safe”: 

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