Daddy Days: Holiday Parenting Haikus

The holidays are in full swing. And I know what you’re thinking. People sure don’t wax poetic about Christmastime anymore, do they?

I feel you. And I’m here for you.

I’ve rediscovered an artistic form that truly cuts to the heart of any subject: haiku. Surely there is nothing this timeless form of Japanese poetry can’t do. It might even save Christmas.

So, without further ado, for your seasonal delight and artistic edification, here are a dozen holiday haikus.

Holiday music

Echoes through every store

Must be November

Eggnog seems silly

Christmas shopping at the mall

Understanding eggnog now

Fighting crowds for gifts

Yearly despised tradition

Hello, Internet

Christmas card photo

Everyone smile real big

Sigh. Maybe next year

Feast, fest, party, eat

The treats and sweets are endless

Weight gain comes too soon

Snow falls Christmas night

Air is so cold, all is white

Elsewhere. It’s Texas.

Kids jingle like bells

Hopped up on candy and gifts

New Year, come soon please

December rolls in

Blizzard of gifts expected

So spoiled. So spoiled, we.

Rooftop lights go up

Daddy on ladder goes down

Traditions go on

Crackling fireside seat

Beer or whisky in my hand

‘Tis the season, friend

Another Christmas

The family together

A wonderful life

There’s no place like home

On today especially

Merry Christmas, all

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