Ashley and Her 6-Pack Have a Message About Being “Free of Numbers”

While chugging along on our fitness or weight-loss journeys, it’s hard not to have numbers bopping around in our brains. Ashley Brunner (Instagram user dropset_duo) posted this photo with the caption, “I think we become so focused on numbers — calories in, calories burned, macros, body fat, weight, measurements, clothing sizes, the numbers go on and on.”

That focus can quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession where the numbers dictate our mood and can lead to depression and unhealthy habits to push those numbers in the direction we think they should be.

But for once, while taking a rest day, Ashley decided to take a walk. She didn’t monitor how far she went, how long she walked for, or how many calories she burned. She just enjoyed her walk for the sake of it, feeling good to move her body, and she said, “today for that period of time I was free of numbers.”

Ashley went on, “I encourage you all to try and do the same. Take off the fitbits and trackers, step away from the treadmill and Stairmaster tracking your every second and just go!” Instead of working out feeling like a chore or a punishment, it’ll allow fitness to be a release, a pleasure, a type of therapy. Forget the numbers and focus on how you feel, whether it’s strong, calm, happy, or badass!

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