17 Lower-Carb Meals For Busy Weeknights That Actually Look Delicious

Carbs are good for you, and you should generally get 45 to 65% of your calories from whole-food carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains that have plenty of fiber. (Carbs do tend to be digested more quickly than fats or protein, and fiber can help slow down their digestion). Why is this important? Carbs are the main source of your body’s energy, but they also have the biggest impact on your blood sugar. Refined carbs (like white bread and sugary beverages) are rapidly digested and can cause blood sugar spikes and crashes, as well as provide empty calories that can spur weight gain.

If you are watching carb intake because you have diabetes (people with diabetes may need to match carb intake to insulin dose or limit them to help control blood sugar), or you are just interested in staying fuller longer, eating less calorically dense foods, or eating a more protein-dense diet, then you might want to try eating low-carb recipes for dinner, Toronto-based registered dietitian, Abby Langer, tells BuzzFeed Health.

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