Your New Favorite Protein-Packed Lunch Is Just a Starbucks Visit Away

Well, it looks like we now have something else to look forward to while making our hourly daily Starbucks run. The coffeehouse just made a major move toward healthy eating by adding six protein-packed items we can’t wait to try out. Customers have been demanding more protein, fruits, vegetables, and antibiotic-free meats, so Starbucks responded by whipping up an array of new goodies for its grab-and-go lunch menu. Two of the menu additions are brand spankin’ new, while the other four are simply upgrades to existing items to make them even healthier than they were before.

Each of the meals has 20 or more grams of protein, so they’re beyond ideal for lunching or snacking sans guilt. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to that ever-so-tempting pumpkin loaf, these new treats are sure to save you (although we’re not opposed to indulging in that loaf every now and then . . .). Read on to drool over the latest additions to the Starbucks lunch menu, and be sure to try its other healthy foods and iced drinks while you’re at it!

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