This Woman Says What We All Want to Say About the Pursuit of the “Perfect” Body

Every waking moment, we are inundated with messages from social media, magazines, and TV about what our bodies are “supposed” to look like. We count calories, count the miles on the treadmill, and pour sweat (and tears) into the pursuit of that “perfect” body.

This Instagrammer named Clare says she’s pretty much sick of it, and we couldn’t agree more. “I may not want to spend my day racking up steps on a FitBit or use up six months recovering from a tummy tuck or commit to ‘losing the last 20 pounds’ or spend 60 days doing some shred/cleanse that will help me “shrink the evidence” massive weight loss has left on my body.” She goes on, “So what, because my body is not the ideal, I have an obligation to make my body my primary project for the rest of my life? I have to sacrifice my mind, my energy, my time, my schedule, my relationships, my plans, my goals, my dreams in pursuit of a flatter stomach and better toned arms?” Ugh, it’s exhausting just reading that, let alone living it.

Then Clare says what we all want to say, “What if I say no? What if I decide I have more important things to worry about . . .?” While being healthy and taking care of you is essential, it shouldn’t be the only thing you think about, and it definitely shouldn’t make you feel worse! Clare says, “What if we chose to stop “perfecting” our bodies like it’s all we’ve got to offer the world?”

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