17 Recipes That Actually Got Me Through Whole30

Given that I’m a pretty shitty cook with limited patience for both complicated recipes and gross food, finding a few solid staple recipes was necessary for getting through Whole30.

Because of that, I can promise all of these recipes: are simple and easy to make

* don’t use any fancy appliances because I have a tiny-ass kitchen and three roommates

* require no outlandish ingredients, except for a few Whole30-specific things that you’ll probably be stocking up on anyway (like coconut aminos, which are actually worth it, btw)

* lend themselves well to meal-prepping and leftovers, since I only ever wanted to cook 1-2 times a week

* are tasty and filling enough that I rarely felt like I was being deprived of anything (except alcohol and dessert, RIP)

Here were my favorites:

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